Friday, March 23, 2012

Blue Apple’s Virtual Classroom Revolutionizes Corporate Training

Corporate Training is one of the most vital tools to keep your employees abreast with the changing demands of your business. A good Web Design India  firm is one which a solution which is robust and cost effective. Blue Apple Technologies can be your perfect partner with its Virtual Classroom. It is a perfect environment for online training and replicates the classroom for each and every trainee who may be separated by geography.  This dynamic learning platform allows you to involve the best of trainers for your employees sitting anywhere in the world.

As a premier Web Development Company we have acquired in-depth knowledge of the modern training needs. Thus we have a solution which is unlike the conventional e-learning modules. It gives your employees the power to learn live via the Internet in real time and reuse the training module as per your needs. Active participation of the trainer and the trainees has been a bottleneck in e-learning and this solution allows crystal-clear full-duplex voice over the Internet, synchronous whiteboards and advanced PowerPoint presentation broadcasting. This increases the interactivity in the classroom and increases the effectiveness of the training.

Blue Apple’s Virtual Classroom Software for Learning  helps in reducing the infrastructure and communication costs involved in traditional training sessions. Training sessions are easy to schedule and require lesser logistical mobilization. It decentralizes the training and helps in reaching out to all your employees at one go. The mantra of the Virtual Classroom is “Getting the Right Information. To the Right User. At the Right Time” rightly reflects upon its inherent features.


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  3. Off late virtual classroom getting very popular,people joining online courses along with part time job,its really great fun to learn from home.


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