Friday, March 30, 2012

Blue Apple Technologies Is Your Perfect Outsourcing Partner

Are you looking for a Web Design India  firm to outsource your project? Look nowhere else as Blue Apple Technologies can be your perfect partner in this endeavor? We are a Professional Web Development Company  with an experience of more than a decade to talk about. We just don’t make tall claims but deliver whatever we promise to our customers. This has helped us scale the ladder and be counted among the best web development firms in India. Here are few goodies that you can benefit outsourcing your project to us

•    At Blue Apple Technologies have a team of highly skilled developers and designers who have worked on different genres of web development over the years. Some of our team members have decade and a half experience in the industry which speaks volumes about potential we possess.

•    We offer you affordable web design solutions to meet your budget and your needs. We aren’t the cheapest web design firm in India and don’t even aspire to be so. We want to offer high quality solutions at affordable pricing.

•    One of things that separate us from most of our competitors is our support services. We offer high quality support and maintenance services to our clients over phone and email. We solve customer queries in the least possible time they can be solved.

•    Along with Web Development we offer a host of services such as search engine optimization, content writing, Internet marketing etc. This makes us your one stop shop for running and managing a business website smoothly.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Get Robust E-Learning Modules from Blue Apple Technologies

An E-learning module has become the standard way of training in the corporate world. It is a multi-billion dollar industry where web design firms are offering comprehensive solutions which streamline the training process in any organization. Blue Apple Technologies has been one of the market leaders in this offering highly customized and interactive learning modules to clients from around the world. Being a premier Best Web Design India  firm we create modules which are innovative, effective and robust helping you not only train your staff in an organized manner but also cut training costs substantially.

What puts us ahead of most of our competitors is the sheer experience we have in this business vertical being a decade old Web Development Company. Our developers have high levels of expertise in creating multimedia and web enabled e-learning modules which accelerate the learning process. Our solutions manage formal, informal, offline and online learning with robust back end technologies which can seamlessly integrate with your existing hardware.  These modules are user-friendly making them easily adaptable to one and all within the organization.

The e-learning modules are developed keeping in mind the niche demands of your business. The industry standards and the latest trends in e-learning also kept in mind while developing these modules. We also foresee the future needs of your business and create open ended solutions which are scalable and can be easily upgraded based on the growing needs of your business. We can also convert these solutions to standard content formats to AICC and SCORM compliant content for the LMS.

Blue Apple’s Virtual Classroom Revolutionizes Corporate Training

Corporate Training is one of the most vital tools to keep your employees abreast with the changing demands of your business. A good Web Design India  firm is one which a solution which is robust and cost effective. Blue Apple Technologies can be your perfect partner with its Virtual Classroom. It is a perfect environment for online training and replicates the classroom for each and every trainee who may be separated by geography.  This dynamic learning platform allows you to involve the best of trainers for your employees sitting anywhere in the world.

As a premier Web Development Company we have acquired in-depth knowledge of the modern training needs. Thus we have a solution which is unlike the conventional e-learning modules. It gives your employees the power to learn live via the Internet in real time and reuse the training module as per your needs. Active participation of the trainer and the trainees has been a bottleneck in e-learning and this solution allows crystal-clear full-duplex voice over the Internet, synchronous whiteboards and advanced PowerPoint presentation broadcasting. This increases the interactivity in the classroom and increases the effectiveness of the training.

Blue Apple’s Virtual Classroom Software for Learning  helps in reducing the infrastructure and communication costs involved in traditional training sessions. Training sessions are easy to schedule and require lesser logistical mobilization. It decentralizes the training and helps in reaching out to all your employees at one go. The mantra of the Virtual Classroom is “Getting the Right Information. To the Right User. At the Right Time” rightly reflects upon its inherent features.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blue Apple Technologies Offers Responsive Web Design Services

Business web development has become all about responsive web design where websites automatically adjust themselves. Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. Blue Apple Technologies a premier web design India Company is offering high quality responsive web design services to its clients. The company boasts of being one of the pioneers web development firms in India to start with this futuristic web development technique using the latest tools available in the world of web development.

Highlights of Responsive Web Design

Adjusting Screen Resolution – From desktops to laptops and smartphones totablets all have different screen resolutions, definitions and orientations. Some of these devices are landscape whole some are in portrait. With responsive web design you can offer a website which automatically adjusts to the screen resolution of the viewing devices as it comes with flexible grids and structure.

Flexible Images – Images are very important to the visual attractiveness of the website. BlueApple Technologies offers you highly responsive design solutions where images resize and adjust and offer the users a worthwhile browsing experience no matter which every device they are using to view the website.

Prioritizing Content – It is impossible to display the same content on a smartphone as the desktop version of the website. Thus when the smart phone compatible design is being worked out the content needs to be prioritized based on its importance and relevance. Though the entire site will be available to the users only the important element would appear in the homepage.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Blue Apple Technologies Offers Futuristic Design Solution

Websites have evolved over the years and this is a continuous process. A web development firm which has its feet in the future and innovate solutions is the one which helps businesses garner maximum advantage with their websites. Blue Apple Technologies is one such company as we have delivered custom design and development solutions to the clients for more than a decade. A testimony to our success lays in the fact that we are considered one of the leading Top Web Design India companies catering to clients all over the globe.

Our team of talented designers and developers look beyond the usual and design solutions which don’t just cater to a clients present day needs but is also future ready. How this is done? Our team constantly does through brainstorming sessions where new trends in design and technology are discussed. Experience shows us that some of the best design ideas have come out of crazy ideas. Once we have such idea we present it to the client and upon their approval we design a website around such innovative ideas.

Good ideas are one part and implementing them on a website is the most vital step. This is achieved thanks to the technical expertise that we have gained over the years working on projects of varied needs. We manually code each and every website following the highest standards in coding. We adopt that latest that technology has to offer such as HTML5 and CSS3. Being a premier Web Design Firm isn’t an easy task and we help you stay ahead of the completion through our hard work and sheer excellence.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Whys and the Hows of Infographic Design

Infographics is the shortened form of information graphics which is being widely used by many web design firms. This makes websites attractive and communicates the message in a more informative manner. This is a highly demanding web development technique and you need to make sure you engage the services of an experienced Web Development Firm for developing such high-end websites. Blue Apple technologies a leading web development firm in India serves as your perfect partner when it comes to designing such websites.

One question that might be crossing your mind is how is infographic design different from a normal website and why do you need such a website in the first place. The answer to the first part is that these websites are high on the visuals elements and with things such as charts, maps, diagrams, data charts andinstructional & scientific explanations being the core of the design. Secondly, when it comes to business websites they represent important facts and figures in visually attractive manner which cannot be explained with plain texts.

Will merely placing these elements on a website bring you the competitive advantage? No and this where a Web Design firm becomes such a potent partner in your endeavor. We analyze the needs of your business and study your target audience to device aninfographic design which is interactive and easy to interpret for the visitors. The visual representation of the graphic elements in such websites is vital and we lay a lot of emphasis on this to increase the readability and usability of your website.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Know About Web Design Copyright Infringement

Have you ever wondered why the Internet is so popular and has seen such a stupendous growth? The ability of users to browse for any kind of information, copy it according to one’s wish and download images and files at wish are the main reason why people prefer the web. But we often forget that in doing so, we are completely forgetting about copyright. According to popular understanding (that is easily available on the net), copyright is the intellectual property right a person hold’s on his/her own creation and ideas. Copyright infringement is a serious offense on the Internet and there are strict laws.

At BlueApple Technologies we value copyright and understand that it is something that can be easily violated. We have imbibed it into our system that compels every designer, developer or staff of the company to value copyright and not blatantly use images, texts that do not belong to us. When a designer or a developer is into a project, we make it clear that even though the idea may be an individual’s, the copyright belongs to the company. As a professional web development Firm, whenever we design anything for anyone, we make sure we highlight and openly discuss the copyright issues with the client so that in future we do not have any confusion.

Every details of a website from the colors used to the fonts selected are pre-planned understanding how the copyright laws work.